5 thoughts on “@RuthBallantyne

  1. Chris says:

    For FREE tickets from Ruth, post a “REPLY” in the section below with your toughest home DIY project/concerns!

    Out toughest home DIY project is going to be the Kitchen- Both for costs involved and the time to complete the project. Slow but sure.




    We are looking to renovate our basement. Our toughtest concerns are, we are doing built ins. Entertainment unit, bookshelves, bar. Built ins look terrific but are a little tricky. We are excited about The home show.


  3. tasha says:

    We are moving into a brand new house. So we are excited/nervous to see how we are going to be able to finish our basement on a budget without making it look like we are on a budget 🙂


  4. Delia says:

    Hi Ruth, our toughest home DIY project is our upstairs master bathroom. We did many renovations in our home, but this is last on our list, trying to cut costs but want a nice looking bathroom.


  5. Paula-Jean Lyn says:

    diy project – painting a mural in my childs room…knowing that her taste will change as quickly as the weather!!!


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