Meeting Joe Carter

Yesterday at the Brampton Board of Trade AGM, I had the pleasure of meeting Toronto Blue Jay legend, Joe Carter. He gave an excellent key note address to members and non members of the Brampton Board of Trade, emphasizing that no one wins individually. The importance of team work and sharing, works in baseball as it does in business. Paying it forward goes a long way, “You’ll meet the same people on your way up, as you do on the way down” Joe reminds us. It’s always important to treat everyone the same and do your part in helping those around you.

It’s also important to give back to the community, Joe has been an active member in Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising and Children’s Aid. Most recently he helped raise over $120,000 for Children’s Aid at a Golf Tournament right here in Brampton. He continues to stress the importance of Youth and encourages everyone to do what they can to be a mentor.

I hope that this weekend, you take his spirit for caring and bring it with you to wherever you go. On this Hallows’eve weekend, ensure to take off your spooky mask for a while and help someone else. The impact that you can have on another person could be a change in their life.

If you’d like to learn more or get involved with Peel Children’s Aid visit them here.

For Halloween & Rose Theatre events this weekend in Brampton click here.

Make sure to add your favorite decorated Halloween House this weekend to the Ruth Ballantyne Team Facebook page for a chance to win a dinner out!

Happy Halloween!

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