Does location top style when buying real estate? Survey says…

When buying real estate, which factor comes out ahead: location, or style of home?

“Location, location, location,” has always been the mantra of real estate. It makes perfect sense that the “where” of the property takes precedence over style, since location is something you can’t change. Location is also the one feature that seems to affect every other aspect of your life – the time spent commuting for business or pleasure; where the kids will go to school; daily recreation, entertainment and errands; and of course, future resale value.

However, when buying real estate you can’t discount the importance of features. While you can always renovate a home to add bedrooms and living space, not everyone wants to take on that commitment, expense and inconvenience of it all. For these home hunters, features such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, storage space and lot size matter as much as location.

The great debate continues: what’s more important when it comes to buying real estate? The style and size? Or the neighbourhood?

We polled the pros… CLICK HERE to read the full story!


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