Automatic Watering Systems for Balcony Plants.

Condo dwellers who like to be out and about – and not tied to their homes for extended periods of time – often feel they can’t enjoy the pleasure of tending to an outdoor garden. However, both simple and creative watering systems can be used to support balcony gardens – regardless of their size.

The range of options is broad enough to address most balcony gardening designs. For example, for individual potted plants, you can purchase simple water vessels that “spike” directly into the soil and dispense water over time, or you can use planters that have their own self-watering containers.

For larger collections of balcony plants, gravity-fed lines can drip a steady distribution of water from a reservoir, as long as the source is secured in a higher position than your plant beds or containers. If that’s not an ideal arrangement, you can install a more sophisticated mechanism that utilizes a pump to deliver the required moisture according to a pre-set schedule.

Finally, before you make a decision to expand your balcony’s population of plants, be sure you can manage your water supply and run-off according to your condo agreement’s balcony rules.

*Morris Marketing*

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